You’re About to Discover the Powerful, Proven Coaching Method to Live Your Dream Life…Every Single Day (Whether You Are New to the Game or Not!)

The Self Mastery Program, Reveals the Latest Most Effective Strategies,Daily Routines Tools & Techniques To Connect To Yourself; Make Your Most Empowered Decisions and Build a Life that's Happy & Free With the Unique William Glasser Coaching Model and EFT. 

Have you been lacking stability, running from your pain, or think that you're not good enough to have an amazing life?
Not anymore. 
Do you have a burning desire to reach your potential, live your dream, and for some reason you just can’t manage to eliminate fear-based living that leaves you feeling burnt out and unfulfilled?
You find yourself escaping your pain by working a lot. There's a constant stress to stay ahead of your pain, however it always catches up to you. It feels like you’re in this never-ending game of life alone and without support.

 You have a strong desire deep down for stability. You want to put your influence into the world where you'll be seen for your heart, yet you keep sabotaging yourself.

Every so often you find yourself realizing you have a deep-seated emotional block, that you feel so powerless over and have no clue how to move past it.

 With your emotional block it’s frightening to trust and risk the vulnerability you need to climb the ladder in life.

Do You Want To Take Control and Live Your Dream Life?

I want you to know you're not alone... 
I myself have been there.
In 2011, I moved across the world to Israel. I believed that my value was determinde by my externals. 
I could be confident if I was beautiful, well dressed, and got lots of attention. I was attracting all the wrong people into my life. People who would bring me down and not see my soul. For me attention meant I had value, and when I would stop getting attention, I felt worthless, and heart broken. 
I would quickly go chase more attention to escape feeling my pain. 

 I put an end to this behavior pattern starting in my first year of living in Israel. I reclaimed my inner power by seeing myself, accessing my ability to live centered without needing attention, and learned how to face my fears courageously with a wild heart. 

I can empathize with how you feel because I too felt overwhelmed, scared, and alone.
It’s not your fault, and in fact you’re amongst millions of other women such as Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey who have felt heartbreak. My promise is that you can leave all this behind and start living a life you love.

So Here's How It Works...
We start with one hour weekly 1:1 coaching session, In these sessions you will:

-  Learn new tools and daily practices to implement into your everyday life that will keep you motivated and empowered throughout.

- You will get clear on your emotional blocks and have a practical roadmap to complete healing.

- Create a plan to start living your dream life ASAP.

- Plus more bonuses included!

Do You Want To Start Living Your Dream Life?
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
 "I walked away from the sessions feeling empowered and much lighter having gained more clarity"
"Chani is definitely an expert at what she does. She is really professional, inspiring, empowering, a great teacher and very caring. She really made me feel calm and confident to explore my fulfillment levels in the session."
Queen C,
London, UK
"Chani helped me see that I CAN achieve my goals. "

"She showed me how to break them into little accomplishment segments, how to time myself and how to stay consistent in my new changes.
 During our sessions, I came up with my own ideas and strategies based upon Chani's suggestions, Which I have implemented in my daily routine after I finished working with her. 
I couldn't thank her enough!"

Malka B,
Jerusalem, Israel
"Chani helped me to identify and OWN my feelings. "
"I want to thank Chani from the bottom of my heart for all the inspiration, understanding, and tools that she gives over every day just by doing what she does best: life coaching."
Rachel R,
Miami, Florida
This powerful 12-week program is for you if:
  •  You know that understanding your inner working and behavioral patterns is vital to start changing your life - and you can’t wait to learn and implement new empowering choices. 
  • You want the emotional freedom to overcome feelings of shame and guilt and create a fulfilled life. 
  • You are, highly ambitious, gravitate towards demanding careers and tend to be successful at most things you take on, and you are ready to make a commitment to moving mountains in your personal life.
  •  You have dreams of a happy and fulfilling life or you believe you can achieve your highest quality of life. I         I only work with people who desire amazing lives and that are truly devoted.
  •  You are stuck in a situation you don't love and are ready to live life on your terms.
What Are You Waiting For?
This Is Your Moment!

So What Happens On Our Discovery Call?
This is where the magic happens!
You’ll be able to discover your emotional blocks and get clear on the right path to help change the way you live your life!
After the discovery call you’ll have a better understanding of who 
YOU are!

But, you don't know until you try so click the button below set the magic in motion!
Join me! You've got nothing to lose!
Does online coaching really work?
Yes! I have gotten coaching online and coached many online. People are often concerned that it's harder to foster the necessary relationship with their coach online than in person. Coaching online is equal in quality. People choose online coaching because of the convenience and flexibility for them. As well as the packaged deals you can find online.

I've tried everything and nothing has worked; how do I know this will be different?
There are 2 important factors that will make coaching this time different(rephase to: different this time).
This time your heart will feel understood, and your head will know coaching with me is right for you. You’re head and heart must be in alignment for coaching to work.

After a discovery call you will know if your head and heart are aligned. Go ahead and book a complimentary discovery call now!

If you have made it here and you're wondering if it's right, you're probably interested in Self Mastery yet scared of actually starting. Sit down with yourself and ask yourself "how could it be right for me"? Then ask yourself what's holding me back from choosing Self Mastery. Apply for a discovery call and I’ll be happy to coach you through it =)

How do I know if Self Mastery is right for me?
 If you have made it here and you're wondering if it's right you're probably interested in Self Mastery yet scared of actually starting. Sit down with yourself and ask yourself how could it be right for me? Then ask yourself what's holding me back from choosing Self Mastery. Apply for a discovery call and I’ll be happy to coach you through it =)

What type of coaching do you do?
I practice reality therapy which is based on William Glasser’s choice theory. I also uses positive psychology, CBT, motivational interviewing, EFT, and selected psychotherapeutic techniques. I have a large tool box and I support each person with the tools they need.

What happens if I don’t see results?
It’s my first priority that you see results. If we discuss your concern about the results, and you’re still not satisfied, you have a 14 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is hand in your work discussed in the sessions.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Let's Chat!
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